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    Monday, May 26, 2008
    3 more days
    Thursday the 29 th is the day that I am having my surgery. YAY!!! I am so excited to finally get it over with. It has been a year and half that I have waited for this and now it's finally here.

    I went for my preops last Monday the 19th and by the time I got home they had called and left me a message telling me that my blood glucose was 507 and I needed to get to my family Dr. or ER as soon as I could. It was after 5 when I got home so that left the ER but I chose to wait until the next day to go to my family Dr. She put me on insulin (Humulin R) injections. I give myself shots 4 times a day now and the dose is adjusted to my glucose reading. Surprisingly my the shots don't hurt at all, whew!!!

    Tomorrow I go for an Echo Cardiogram and that should be all of the pre surgery tests. The preop center called me Friday around noon to come up there to have one done then, but of course it's a 2 hour drive up and they hadn't made an appointment yet so I doubted if I could have made it then and said Tuesday would be better in the afternoon. Well of course no one listens so I have to be up there bright and early. I will just have to get up at the crack of dawn, not good for someone that isn't a morning person. lol

    Thought I would show you the place I would the next few days. I think it will be 10 East but then everything changes. The hospital sure has undergone the changes since my grandmother was there in late 70's with Renal failure. She had to travel up there twice a week for Dialysis for 2 and half years so I got to know the place pretty good. Now it's all different with new buildings and additions to the original hospital. Sure don't look like the same place.

    Well Friends if all goes well I should be back in no time at all and on the losers bench. So please take care and happy stitching.


    posted by Greg @ 4:07 PM   13 comments
    Friday, May 02, 2008
    Sneak Peek

    I did not work on Chief at all this week as I am trying to hurry and finish the secret stitching project. You can see on the right side part of my Q-snaps, don't you just love Q-snaps. I sure do and they make life so much easier. The colors in this are fantastic with a lot purple's and yellow's, I am so excited about this stitch. Sorry I can't show you more as I am afraid it will give it away.
    I went Monday to my Surgeon's office and guess who has a surgery date. YAY!!! Come May 29th at 11:30 am I will have surgery for gastric bypass and help my hernia. He said he isn't going to repair the hernia just yet as it will come back after all the weight loss, but he will get the stuck intestine out and put a stitch in so it won't go back in. That will be a relief in itself from the pain and I won't have to be so careful. I haven't been able to lift more then 5 pounds this past year and half or put any strain at all due to it being very dangerous of cutting the intstines off. So I will be able to lift my girls (Yorkies). YAY!!! The Dr. was very happy when he came into the room cause I lost 56 pounds since Sept., I lost 4 pounds over last week. YAY!!! He asked for 25 pounds so I gave him 56, just couldn't help myself. lol As we were leaving I could hear him over telling all his nurses that I lost so much on my own. :) Sure makes a person feel good when a Dr. was bragging on ya.
    That's another reason I am postponing the Chief, due to surgery. The Chief has been in the process for a year now, what's another few more weeks. I do need to finish the secret project before surgery.
    I will post the photos of the flowers budding in my yard in a few days, maybe tomorrow. I hope you have a very creative weekend and week.


    posted by Greg @ 6:52 PM   5 comments
    Sunday, April 27, 2008
    Chief Red Cloud 04-25-08

    Week 51 Getting very close to being finished with the feathers. YAY!! I only worked on the Chief for 3 nights this week as I am still working on the surprise stitching. I think I bit off more then I can chew with it. lol I thought it would be a quick stitch was I ever wrong. Hopefully soon I can get back to a more normal schedual on the Chief so I can get him finished. :)
    Well tomorrow is the day I go to visit the Surgeon. I am so nervous and so excited. Keeping my fingers crossed and will let you know more when I get home.
    It has been up in the 80's all week this past week, just beautiful out there and I have been outside everyday walking the girls one at a time, so actually I am getting two walks in daily. That is a very good thing too.
    I did take some photo's of what is in bloom around my yard this week, just haven't taken the time to post them yet. I will get to it this week I promise.
    Hope you all have a great week!


    posted by Greg @ 6:01 PM   7 comments
    Friday, April 18, 2008
    Chief Red Cloud 04-18-08

    Week 50 I can not believe that I am so close in being finished with the Chief. Almost a year has gone by since I started working on him. I could have finished in 5 months like I did on the previous two Indians I stitched, all three are the same stitching size. I just took my time and didn't push myself on Chief Red Cloud, it's ok cause I have enjoyed myself. Read the previous post to find out where I have been.
    I went and got weighed today, the first time since September and I have lost 52 pounds. YAY!!! I am calling the surgeon Monday and hopefully I can get an appointment soon with him. He wanted me to loose only 25 pounds to have surgery so I gave him 52 instead. YAY! I am so excited about that, and to think I am almost hernia free, pain free. I can't believe it.
    I have been feeling so good lately that I have actually been walking both of the girls to the back of our lot. We have a fairly large backyard and the girls love to walk. Been taking one at a time cause they pull and want to go in their own directions, so by taking them one at a time I am actually walking it twice for me. It's ok as it gives me more exercise and strengthening my legs.
    Guess who went into Hobby Lobby yesterday and walked all the way back to the cross stitch aisle. I was surprised that I could do that and it felt so good. I didn't have to stop and rest nor sit down back in the fabric area. YAY!!
    I will try to take some photos of all the bloomings that are going on here. My lawn front and back has already been mowed once and is needing it again. Love this time of year.
    Best go as I have a surprise to get kitted up, can't talk about it until it has been recieved which will be soon. Hope you have a great weekend and even a greater week ahead!


    posted by Greg @ 7:44 PM   10 comments
    Chief Red Cloud 04-11-08

    Weeks 46-49 and I am stitching again. YAY! You may have noticed by now that I haven't been posting anything lately, well I have been sick. My diabetes was running out of control, but am doing great with the meds I am on now. Also this hernia I have was causing severe pain, that would keep me bent doubled. The hernia has my intestines caught up in it so I have to have surgery to repair it. ugg Have been trying to hold off as long as possible but it looks like the time has come to get it fixed. But the main thing now is that I am back to stitching. YAY!!!

    In the above photo of Chief there isn't much done but it is a start back in the right direction. I took it slowly and didn't push myself, so there isn't much progress. Wait until you see next weeks.

    Also during this time period I celebrated my Mom's 70th Birthday. YAY!!!! I baked her a Lemon cake with Lemon Icing, it was a Duncan Hines mix from Walmart and not from scratch. I got all the ingredients out and started mixing away, I get to the part where it says add 3 eggs. I look around the counter, the drawers and no eggs. Where are the eggs?? I couldn't find them at all so I asked my Mom, nope she didn't take them. Then it hit me, I put the eggs in the bowl to get them out of my way while I did something else real quick and sure enough under the cake mix, the oil and the water there the 3 eggs where hiding. lol I couldn't believe I lost the eggs. The cake did turn out fine and in fact Mom ate some warm cake fresh out of the oven without the icing, that's her favorite way of eating cake. I don't really care for sweets so it didn't really matter to me.

    Thank you everyone for coming to my site while I was gone. I am back now and will keep on posting. YAY!!!


    posted by Greg @ 7:18 PM   3 comments
    Monday, March 17, 2008
    C is for Castle
    C is for Castle! Got this done over the weekend and it's stitched on 32 ct. Hand-Dyed Jobelan and the color is Summer Sky. It is so light blue that it isn't shown justice here. Also, there are white C's up above the castle, but since the fabric is light they don't show up, not even holding it in person. I should have done the white C's in shades of blue. Now on to D, wonder what D is for!


    posted by Greg @ 6:45 PM   5 comments
    Saturday, March 15, 2008

    This is an eye glasses holder. My Walmart store has had these before Christmas in it's Optical Department. There are different kind of animals, a Giraffe, horse, an Old Man, a fish and several other type. This was on my wish list for Christmas and since I didn't get one then I put it on my list for my Birthday in January, nope didn't get it then either. Last night as I was on my way out I saw them sitting there and they were getting low. I first got the Giraffe already to leave and looked and saw a Zebra, since my love for horses and a Zebra is technically a horse I exchanged it. lol BTW those are not my glasses they are reading glasses 2.25 and are women reading glasses, but since I can't see the 32 count good enough with my glasses I put these over top mine and waa la I can see the 32 count.


    posted by Greg @ 6:29 PM   5 comments
    Chief Red Cloud 03-14-08
    Week 45 I am finished with 3 pages now and am doing the Happy Dance. YAY!!! Woohoo!!! I can't believe that I have finally finshed 3 pages. Sure does feel good too. I am currently over 3/4 done. Page 4 is less then a fourth and have already made progress on it. Chief Red Cloud's face is finished.
    I didn't get to post yesterday as I took my Mom out to visit one of her older brothers, then we went to WalMart to grocery shop. It poured the rain when we got out of the car to the entrance and both looked like drowned rats by the time we got inside. Nothing like shopping while your wet. lol The rain did prevent a lot of people coming out but it was still fairly croweded in the store. While in the store we ran into several relatives, the only place I see any of the relatives anymore is in Wally World and I have bunches of them too.
    My snow is all gone now, so sad. Thursday it was so warm out that I drove the car through the automatic car wash and drove around with the window down, felt like spring, no coat no nothing. Just a perfect day, then Friday it rained. Never fails when I pay money to wash the car it rains. grrr But Thursday ended my snow, oh well it is time.
    Thanks for stopping in, hope you all have a great stitching week!


    posted by Greg @ 4:47 PM   2 comments
    Monday, March 10, 2008
    B is for Butterfly
    B is for Butterfly! I actually finished this last Sunday, March 2 and I am just getting around to posting the photo. So far everything is going good, but eventually I know when I go to do the hardanger part I will need all the help I can get. Below is A & B on the same fabric 32 ct. Cream Lugana.


    posted by Greg @ 5:18 PM   3 comments
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